Narayan Cake Design Company

Cakes Inspired by You

Get the Perfect Cake for You

At Narayan Cake Design Company, we provide the perfect cakes for any and all occassions. Be it birthdays, wedding cakes, anniversary cakes and corporate party cakes!

Perfect Event Planning

Plan your perfect event with your loved ones. We are here to only fulfill your wishes and make it an event to remember.

Chandelier Cakes

These cakes hang from the top like a chandelier, hence the name Chandelier Cakes (also called Hanging Cakes). Having one of these delicious cakes is sure to lighten up your event!

Party Cakes

Cakes ready for any occasion, from wedding anniversaries to office celebrations or even house warming parties. These cakes will definitely be the sugar on top of your event!

Birthday Cakes

Plan the perfect birthday with specially designed cakes for your loved ones.

Wedding Cakes

Get a cake worthy of the wedding of your dreams!

Our Bakery

We also have our own bakery where we build not just cakes, but the dreams of our customers!

Available Varieties

While we can create any specific flavor and decoration combination requested by our customers, here are some of our most common requests!

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